Harley Davidson Motorcycles Price list

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Harley Davidson

At 2016 Harley Davidson motorcycle company released some new motorbike and the new price list . Here are this Harley Davidson price List and Picture

Harley Davidson Superlow Price $8500

Harley Davidson Forty Eight Price $11200

Harley Davidson Iron 883 Price $8850
Harley Davidson Roadstar Price $11200

Harley Davidson Seventy two Price $11100
Harley Davidson 1200 Custom Price $10900

Harley Davidson Freewheeler Price $25500

Harley Davidson Street 500 Price $6850
Harley Davidson Street 750 Price $7550

Harley Davidson Street Bob Price $13700

Harley Davidson Superlow 1200 Price $11800


Motorcycles sidecar - Sidecar and Girls- Side motorcycle photos

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Motorcycles sidecar

What is Sidecar motorcycle. sidecar is the supporting of 2 wheel motorcycles. If you use a sidecar with motorcycle then you utilize as a helper. like you bear your Old mother, your girls friends, you baggies, pets etc. Now see some side car image with girls

Its Just a funny motorbike post


2016 Ural Motorcycles Price List- Russian Motorcycles

Monday, August 8, 2016

Russian Motorcycles Price

Russian popular motorcycle is Ural Motorcycle Brand. Ural release some new 2016 Ural Motorcycle. Ural Bike is the famous Sidecar motorbike of the world. Below is the some latest Ural Brand bike and price with Photos

2016 Ural cT Dark Force Price  $15000

2016 Ural Gearup Sportsmen price $17000

2016 Ural Gear-Up 750 price $16000

2016 Ural  Petrol 750 price $16000

2016 Ural cT 750 price $13000

2016 Ural M70 Retro 750 Price $16000 
Just keep up with us for various kind of motorbikes information 


Hero Motorcycle Price List in Bangladesh-Hero Honda

Friday, August 5, 2016

Hero Motorcycle price List 2016

Dear Viewers , You should know that Past Hero Honda Motorcycle Name is now Hero Motorcycle. Japan Honda company leave from India and now Hero Motor corp. now produce motorbike by the brand name of Hero motorcycle . Here is latest hero bikes price in Bangladesh.

Hero Hunk 2016 -----------Price 2,03,990 Double Disk, 1,91,990 Single Disc BDT
Hero Hunk ------------------ Price 2,03,990 Double Disk, 1,91,990 Single Disc BDT  
Hero Xtreme---------------   Price Not Available in market BD T
Hero Xtreme Sports---------Price 2,17,490 Double Disk, 1,99,990 Single Disc BDT
Hero Glamour--------------- Price 1,57,490 BDT
Hero Splendor iSmart------ Price 1,40,990 BDT
Hero Splendor Pro-----------Price 1,33,990 BDT
Hero Pleasure--------------- -Price 1,34,990 BDT
Hero Passion Pro------------ Price 1,47,990 BDT
Hero HF Dawn--------------Price 1,07,490 BDT
Hero HF Deluxe------------- Price 1,29,000 BDT 


TVS Motorcycle Price List In Bangladesh 2016

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tvs Apache Motorcycle Price list 2016

TVS Apache RTR 150 Matt Blue Edition--Price 2,04,900 BDT
TVS Apache Hyper Edge (2012)------------- Price 2,17,500 (Double Disk) 1,99,500 (Single Disk) BDT TVS Phoenix 125-------------------------Price 1,58,000
BDT TVS Flame SR 125-----------------------Price Out of market BDT
TVS Star Sport 125----------------------------- Price 1,44,000 BDT
TVS Metro Plus 110cc------------------------ Price 1,46,900 BDT
TVS Metro-----------------------------------Price 1,33,900 Electric Star and 1,12,900 Kick Start BDT
TVS Wego (Scooter)---------------------------Price 1,62,900 BDT
TVS Scooty Pep Plus (Scooter)-------------- Price 1,29,500 BDT
TVS Jive 110------------------------------------Price 1,34,500 BDT
TVS XL 100-------------------------------------Price 1,00,000 BDT
TVS Jupiter (Scooter)--------------------------Price 1,64,900 BDT
TVS Stryker 125--------------------------------Price 1,59,900 BDT
TVS Scooty Zest 110 (Scooter)--------------Price 1,47,000 BDT


Bajaj Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh 2016

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bajaj Motorcycle Price List

Dear Readers , I know are searching on google for the Bajaj motorcycle price list in Bangladesh for 2016. Our website says that you are looking this last updated motorcycle price list. In Bangladesh Bajaj motorbikes is the most popular motorcycles in Bnagladesh. The list of some most popular bajaj bikes in Bangladesh are Bajaj Pulsar 150 NS ,Bajaj Pulsar 150 AS,Bajaj Avenger Street 150,Bajaj Pulsar 150, Bajaj Pulsar 135, Bajaj Discover 150F,Bajaj Discover 150, Bajaj Discover 135, Bajaj Discover 125 ST, Bajaj Discover 125, Bajaj Discover 100, Bajaj Platina ES, Bajaj Platina 100, Bajaj CT 100 

Here is the Bajaj motorbikes price list in Bangladesh. That is last updated by August 2016 

Bajaj Pulsar 150 NS --------Price 2,00,000-2,50,000 BDT 

Bajaj Pulsar 150 AS --------Price 2,41,500 BDT 

Bajaj Avenger Street 150 ---Price 2,00,000 -2,50,000 BDT 

Bajaj Pulsar 150 --------------Price 1,92,500 

Bajaj Pulsar 135 --------------Price Not supply in Showroom 

Bajaj Discover 150F ---------Price 1,86,500 BDT 

Bajaj Discover 150 -----------Price 1,69,500 BDT 

Bajaj Discover 135 -----------Not supply in Showroom 

Bajaj Discover 125 ST -------Price 1,75,000 BDT 

Bajaj Discover 125 -----------Price 1,68,000 BDT 

Bajaj Discover 100------------Price 1,45,000 BDT 

Bajaj Platina ES----------------Price 1,29,000 BDT 

Bajaj Platina 100---------------Price 1,25,000 BDT 

Bajaj CT 100-------------------Price 1,13,000 BDT


Honda Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh 2016

Honda Motorcycle Price

Honda CBR150R 2016 -Model CBR150R 2016 (Indonesia)  

Black, White & Red Color BDT 4,80,000/= (With Registration) 

Honda CBR150R 2016 Thailand-Model- Honda CBR150r 2016  

Price: 4,55,000 BDT (With Registration) Honda CBR 150R 

Normal- Model CBR 150R


Price: BDT 4,90,000/= Honda CBR150R 2015 - CBR150R 2015 

Dual Headlight (Indonesian Version)

Price: 5,00,000 BDT 

Honda CB Trigger Model: CB Trigger


Price: BDT 2,15,500 (Double Disk Brake) 2,05,500 (Single Disk Brake) 

 Honda SHINE Model : CB SHINE  

Price : BDT 1,63,000 

 Honda Livo Model: Livo 110 Price: 1,42,000 BDT 

 Honda Dream Neo Model: Dream Neo  

 Price: 1,42,500 BDT 

 Honda Wave Alpha Model Name: Wave Alpha  

Price : 1,35,000 BDT 

Honda CD80 Model: Honda CD 80


 Price: 99,900 BDT


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