Hero Electric E-Sprint

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hero Electric E-Sprint

Engiene - with 800 wat battery motorcycles

Highest speed per hour 45 km

On road price in Mumbai =32000/= Indian currency

color black

For Hero electric maxi motorbikes


Hero Electric Maxi Bike

Hero Electric Maxi

Engine--250 wat battery, automatic gear motorcycles

On road price in Mumbai= 26000/= Indian currency

Highest Speed is 25 km per hour

black + blue color

For Hero Electric Optima Bikes


Hero Electric Optima Motorbike

Hero Electric Optima

Engine--250 wat battery, automatic gear motorcycles

On road price in Mumbai= 28000/= Indian currency

Highest Speed is 25 km per hour

black color

for Hero electric Wave motorcycle


Hero Electric Wave Motorcycle

Hero Electrics Motorcycles

Engine--250 wat battery, automatic gear motorcycles

On road price in Mumbai= 30000/= Indian currency

Highest Speed is 25 km per hour

black color

For Yamaha spark motorcycle


Yamaha Spark Review

Monday, December 26, 2011

Yamaha spark 135

Yamaha was too well-known manufacturer of motion and has achieved huge success with its models more and more organized and exceptional. The company at the current strategy of going in the stepthrough and promises to preserve the excellence and expertise with the vehicle
Original Yamaha Spark is 134.4 cc disarticulation vehicle that provides the necessary authority and momentum. by means of a push, the novel of the corporation stepthrough also enjoy an electric starter, which also improve the presentation of the motor vehicle.
The Yamaha Spark is excellent for those who are well stocked for the convenie

nce and expertise mutually being marked with a price of Rs 50,000 price. The original replica is a utility vehicle which is believed to help its users with the control and the tone of the skin competenceevery a newer and higher are inculcated in the construction of the representation of his novel unsurpassed in the middle section, with expertise in fuel 30 to 40 kmpl. The wheels of the car ensures consistency and control with it and in addition makes her seem.

Yamaha Spark 135 is prepared with 4-speed momentum to do more quickly broken gear representing a fuel efficiency from 30 to 135 with 40 kmpl.Yamaha Spark engine and its ability to competent facial appearance is absolutely to confirm a entertainer of the highest quality and also is responsible for mileage to provide for infrastructure. The capacity of the reservoir oil Yamaha Spark 135 is a 4.0-liter oil holding capacity of 0.5 liters and the type of oil and gasoline to be worn.
Yamaha Motor Spark
The massive engine Yamaha Spark 135 is to get through a disarticulation of 134.4 cc. The tilted forward on its own container SOHC 4-valve engine with liquid cooling equipment Yamaha Spark 135 is granted by an organization that provides greater influence of 8.45 kW (11.49 hp) @ 8,500 rpm and a torque incredible 11.65 N • m (8.59 ft • lb) @ 5,500 rpm. . (Augusta Motorcycles)

Locomotive vehicle novel is provided by means of a container of 54.0 mm and a bore of 58.7 mm to fuel. The 4-speed network fixed, soaked, multi-disc grab and centrifugal mechanical gearbox in the Yamaha Spark 135 certification smooth change of gears as needed and at what time.

organization in the brake master Yamaha Spark 135 protects both the qualification and passenger seats in the street. Stepthrough the front brake piston disc has its own category while the stern is to play the type of battery that helps slow the vehicle dynamics and also provides a small detachment braking. thus demonstrating the organization of heavy braking Yamaha Spark 135 looks much later.


2012 Kawasaki ER-6n

Kawasaki ER-6n

(Harley Davidson) The question that I have used the correct spin is determined at what time the road from side to side a sleepy Portuguese town is a dead end. But today, out of place is not so unpleasant. after all, the sun is spotless and I have a lot of time to find his way back to the hotel. If you deviate from the planned half receive extra point during the renewal ER-6n, so be it!

Streamlined Kawasaki middleweight naked is a piece of equipment on which to smooth your hands out of place. The 649cc, DOHC, eight-valve parallel twin surpluses, although injection and fatigue unimportant changes provide a power increase in 7000 rpm. The border and the swingarm are both novel, and go halves on a design based closely steel tubes. The subframe has also been redesigned to allow an extra seat without batting tallness growth. The same burden is narrower and the apex of the reservoir oil is higher to emphasize the highest manifestation of the bike. steering geometry a little 'less lively and softer, more time suspension are designed to improve the driver-compatibility has always been a key feature of this replica. (Bajaj motorcycles)

The ER-6n is characteristic streamlined look with a long nose reshaping bikini fairing has been hard pressed back close to the fork tube to wear a veil. The happiness machine is one of the most improved understandable, as the previous model is difficult to read dash has been replaced by a simple analog speedometer and digital panel.
if it is a good deal, "as you were" driving situation with a stand that has not been resorted to for the simple reason that fits riders of all sizes, nice-looking in good health. The non-obsession is more than a lucky number by adding an extra burden unpleasant together for a bike ride this unpretentious presentation.
the price is not pretentious and buyers disappeared, as the new look of naked bikes, the ER-6n is operated success looks set to continue, at least in Europe. It 'remains a considerably fast, sweet handling mechanism and the pleasure that is supposed to be applied, beginners and expert riders comparable. (Hero Honda motorcycles)

The c-type parallel twin engine
Valve train DOHC, 16v
cc 649cc
The 6-speed transmission
He said 72.0 HP @ 8500 rpm power
Said torque 47.2 Nm @ 7000 rpm
Tubular steel frame semi-double cradle
Front suspension Kayaba 41 mm
Seat Height 29.7 inches
Wheelbase 55.3 inches
Capacity of 4.1 gallons of fuel.
He stated empty weight 450 pounds.


Most fuel efficient motorcycles

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

fuel efficient motorbikes list

Here I describe some list of motorcycles which is fuel efficient for riders. But Mind this is only applicable when your motorbikes speed under 50 km per hr or 40-50 km per/hr.

Sr no

Motorcycles Name

Km Per Ltr


Honda CB shine



Yamaha ss 125



Bajaj Platina 125



Hero Honda Super Splendor



Honda CB Unicorn



Suzuki GS150R



Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme



Bajaj Platina 100cc



Hero Honda Delux



Honda CB twister



Hero Honda Splendor NXG



Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-I Fuel Efficiency motorbike

Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-I

Hero Honda may have used the plate in the 125 cc Bajaj Discover has variety, but once more! all rights, declared by a distance of 65 km / liter, the Bajaj Discover 150 is the most economical 150 cc motorcycle, authorities in the person along for the ride section and for this reason our sample.

Bajaj Discover 150 begins in May 2010 in an extremely smooth bloodthirsty completing a certain number of bikes 100 cc rooted as the Splendor Plus Hero Honda Passion Plus grip on much of their patrons.

Discover the 150 come in most parts of the body from its 100cc Discover. On the other hand, the Discover 150 gets a 5-speed-box, which enhances the presentation and many other motivating face as glowing appearance.

It has a stimulating start (standard) for fast, free preparatory irritating, Nitro reference that provide relief even on uneven infrastructure, a front disc brake, a wider rear tire friction upper road and LED bedside appendix for a first class seem be
Discover 150 is priced at Rs. 49, 525 (Single Disc Alloy, Self).

Opposition competitive bike manufacturer is required to further extend superior machines, beyond the appearance of the face, such as alloy wheels and the option of extended color. The inventory is based on competence than oil alone, and each point of the bikes out of their own superiors have a unique set of other characteristics, as in good health.


Hero Honda Glamour Most fuel efficient bike

Hero Honda Glamour motorcycle

by maintaining a mileage of 80.75 km / liter, the Hero Honda Glamour is evident in the sample 125cc division. The next 125 cc 125 cc Hero Honda motorcycle replica piece (the primary life form the Super Splendor), has all the glamor. If you have been lurking in the 125 division, could not you in a vertex buffer improved.

Hero Honda to give a good reason for the name of charity details captivating person of Glamour, fashion a screen, a tachometer chrome ring, black body housing, starter drive and a typical non-mandatory front disc brakes.

Hero Honda begins "automatic oil injection" Glamour with practical features, such as 'Real Time Mileage Calculator' and LCDs measuring oil. Hero Honda to maintain a higher mileage in red for PGM-FI and is priced at Rs Glamour PGM-Fi. Rs. 58,950

Mind is that fuel efficiency depends mainly on the management of the rider. If you drive more than 60 km / h then you get to low speed and low of around 50km/hr then you can get more fuel efficiency.


Bajaj Discover 100 most fuel efficient

Bajaj Discover 100cc bike

that is now approaching the Indian two-wheeler buyers, fuel efficiency is the primary factor in deciding that there are a plethora of motorcycles fuel consumption in the bazaar, you get a solid choice. dwsAuto held together a folder of all the bikes in the state, and their price and supply.

at this time we see more fuel competent to decide the motion in the greater value for money segment that is the 100cc, 125cc and 150cc. The winners were selected from a catalog of 98 bikes across all manufacturers of motorcycles in the nation.therefore, it is the bike that will provide you with more miles for every dollar? Let's face it destroy everything on the floor below, section by section.

by means of a mileage claim of 78.5 km / liter, double-Bajaj discover Spark-Swirl Digital Training (DTS-Si) 100 cc is our choice for the most experienced motorcycle 100cc fuel in India. It is not immediately prudent, but in addition method merges through its competent engine oil.
Bajaj pricing strategy to get their bikes with insistence on antagonism has produced a surprising result within a distance short for example. In March 2010, the company reported that five lakh bikes sold Discover surrounded by 225 days of the beginning.
Discover DTS-Si (Kick Start) is priced at Rs. 40, 998 and the electric start version is priced at Rs. 43,557 (electric start).

Mind is that fuel efficiency depends mainly on the management of the rider. If you drive more than 60 km / h then you get to low speed and low of around 50km/hr then you can get more fuel efficiency.


Mv Augusta

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mv agusta motorcycle

Dear visitor, I had posted earlier Yamaha, Honda, Hero Honda, Bjajaj Ninja, Kawasaki, Harley devidson, TVs, BMW and Suzuki motorcycles information. But the first time are posing MV Augusta information.

similar to one for every bike manufacturer, the famous Italian motorcycle manufacturer, MV Agusta has finally documented the probable of the two wheels of the Indian bazaar and decided to develop it with their variety of early models in India. We can wait for the MV Agusta raid in the Indian market as early 2012 in time.
immediately in a container that did not identify, which means that M stands for surface mechanical and V for Vergers Italian stand, which is the metropolis somewhere in the main company of the dirt bike was built. European companies like BMW, KTM and Ducati have already created their foundation in India and to this fine MV Agusta plans to place a pedestal of high quality.
by the time 2011, MV Agusta has become the leading compact fine Italian awake a deposit in Brazil for the Brazilian domestic bazaar. The compact also entered a variety of other foreign markets, as well as Australia, China and Canada. different Brazil, the bikes will be imported into India as completely built units.
The dense has not announced until today, the procession for the promotion of India and has no will power about showing off their models in the next Auto Expo 2012. The bikes that almost all very likely to build the Indian coast are Brutale 920, R1090 Brutale, Brutale RR 1090, 675 Brutale, F4, F3 and F4 RR. MV Agusta is a lot smaller than any other company like BMW and Ducati, and more choices and prices improved generation of antagonism.
We want to approximate to read your opinions, so please use the form under observation by observation through face book

MV Agusta is the bike in the world famus. So you can see the bike nad trying to find out what bike is better then the motion of other manufacturers ..


Ducati 795 Launch At 2012 Auto Expo

Ducati 795 Motorcycle

Ducati has completed an extraordinary model for countries on the rise as well as India, the Monster 795. The Ducati Monster 795 is a cheaper edition of the Monster 796, designed in a way that would decrease the cost of production with a front importantly, that the Italian motorcycle maker tactics to advance above the patrons. The Monster 795 is a more economic 796, that will exercise the different tires and alloys beside two times with a unilateral move back and forth appendix (the 796 uses a unique double-sided). Ducati bike will gather in Thailand and will be sold the Monster 795 in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand, Philippines and India. The beginning of this Indian monster is scheduled for January 2012. Ducati 795 at Expo India will start the car by means of the cheapest Ducati challenge with the Kawasaki Ninja 650R.
The Ducati Monster 795 is powered by a 803 cc two-cylinder engine that has chilled the atmosphere. This sliding produces 85 hp at 8250 rpm control and 78 Nm of torque at 6250 RPM. And 'use of a 6-speed manual and should be priced around Rs. 5 lakhs (ex-showroom). With a weight of 167 kg, the Monster 795 is a pretty light bike for his section. On the flip side, this use Ducati 120/60 / ZR 17 tires, while the stern using 160/60 / ZR 17 tires. The tires were complemented by Pirelli and the Monster 795 will be available in red, black and white banner.
Here you can also get some Harley Davidson Reviews, Information Moto Honda, Bajaj and Hero Honda motorcycle specifications and pictures.


TVS Velocity 160 Street Fighter

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tvs Velocity 160

TVS has approach awake with a slight model modify of its flagship APACHE and this occasion it is velocity. TVS Velocity 160 a.k.a TVS VELOCITY STREET-FIGHTER. TVS Velocity shares a lot of indistinguishable facial appearance counting the countenance from RTR 160.

TVS showcased this motorbike the extremely initial occasion at Jakarta Motorcycle demonstrate. This road combatant idea from TVS is a all novel section in the Indian marketplace. on one occasion launched in India, this engine will set Indian roads on flames. expect we’ll observer it in the pending 2012 auto expo.

The nude halogen headlamps provide this motorbike a genuine STREET-FIGHTER appear. The tradition built move backward and forward limb is far improved than that of TVS Apache RTR 160 in looks as well as reassure. Bridgestone Battlax Tyres gives it sportier give the impression of being and better grasp. The only one of its kind styled indicators and conclusion clutch at the stern create it look similar to a loveliness sovereign.
TVS has known black treatments at its locomotive and other parts; this makes it additional attractive and sportier. The short qualification and elevated raised passenger seating chair not only makes it relaxed but yet good-looking in each point of view. brawny graphics and once another time have strike the bull’s look at TVS speed will be priced in India in the variety of Rs.80,000-90,000


Yamaha Zuma

Monday, December 12, 2011

Yamaha Zuma 50

Yamaha Zuma Scooter is the most popular motorcycle in the world.

Yamaha's focus groups show that the buyers of the Zuma not be concerned about the control or brakes. They aspire to a form sensitive accountant who sips and swap gossip home their daily needs. To this end, the Zuma is unquestionably competent. Under the luggage compartment area chair engulfed the helmet is observed in these films, the length of coverage, ornament, and bearing of the camera. Yamaha claims is smooth leg room for a helmet in this, too, and I consider myself. Closing the pop-out appearance of the face a shattering conclusion to make sure the substance is not "jump" when a wallop percussion, and the owner built the glass is plenty big enough for an urn, or even a damp Twenty milk, if this is your obsession.
For Suzuki Motorcycles
as far as mileage goes oil, following a full day of administration of about San Francisco wide open throttle, peak oil unenthusiastic. because it was inspired to help, others in this issue, the holder of counting Zumaforums.net, Jon Wegener, were so scared. Wegener I experienced the real world mileage statistics for its two-stroke Zuma claims are nothing close to 123 mpg Yamaha. instead, gets about 60 mpg on his "tuned for mileage" gen-two Zuma should have known that up, if he took his trip to the delivery day. If this is done, then students of the academy and all of the city's commuters that the State should provide the 50F Zuma a number of concentration required. Your journey is inward.

obtainable in the Yamaha Group Blue, Alpine White and Raven, the 50F Zuma retails for $ 2540 and comes in to this dealer. If you need more speed scooters, the Zuma 125 proceeds for 2012 unchanged from the previous year, the value of $ 3350.
You can see other hares Yamaha motorbikes Vaiable reviews here


Image Harley Davidson Motorcycles 2012

Picture Harley Davidson Motorbikes

Dear visitor Now I am posting Some of Harley Davidson Motorcycles 2012 Images. If You need moor Information of this Bikes You click under the Image Clickable Word

Harley Davidson Bike

Harley Davidson Motorbike

Harley Davidson Dirty Bike

If you Happy for this post dont forget to a comment. Thanks Everybody.


2012 Harley-Davidson CVO Softail

Harley Davidson CVO Sotail

For BMW Motorcycles

This year, replication is the third year for the CVO Softail interchangeable in the arrangement. what time it first surfaced in 2010 as we exposed the cunning and sensitive Harley could find.In a matter of just minutes this number can vary from bike police cars stripped-down Stylin 'driven to mid-on road bike with the method of its quick release windshield, saddlebags and person to sit around for the long passenger seat - two-wheeled Jekyll 'n' Hyde.

After listening to the response given to increase buyer Harley windshield tallness is about 1.0-inches and a width of 2.0 inches, while the accumulation of reduced ventilation and adjustable storm flap. According to the dynamic propagation Cola Harley difficult, the company created this innovative partition higher and wider eliminated a significant amount of weight of windy weather on the skull of the rider, as well as emotion rushing into the ring.

For Honda Motorcycles

in addition Electra's move smoothly, the CVO is the only other suitable to take over the road Tech Zumo 660. And approaching the Electra, a clause can activate the built-in menu Convertible iPod nano from one side of the Zumo. Turn-by-turn heavy work from one side of the dual 3.5-inch 2-way speakers located on the base of the windshield.
Three options are available this year Dyeing: Sunglow cherry red with crimson gem graphics, blue graphics abyss mausoleum, and the pewter satin with rawhide grave weight of the bike and the graphical approach cowhide saddlebags fashion chocolate upset. provide that the value of a brown skin almost no years' expanding and should be dressed in a nice finish giving nature.
The substitution shall be the CVO most excellent advertising with women, do not hesitate consequence of convertible 26.1-inch low height chair, the humble of all Harley. The ladies will have additional reasons to enjoy this year translatable, since all its updates and the calculation of the Zumo 660 raised the price recommended by a mere $ 100 from 2011. But this single rapid scan of the girls (or guys) - only 1500 are planned for Manufature.

For Hero Honda Bikes


2012 Harley-Davidson XR1200X-2012

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Harley-Davidson XR1200X Review 2012

entertainer elegant avenue built for driving restrictions, with alarming faces obscured, the reference and identify modifiable braking.(Harley Davidson)

Wrapped in the region far greater than the torque to the ground, 1200 cc engine developing ®, Michelin ® Scorcher ® tires, and fully editable, high presentation Showa ® reference, XR1200X ™ engine is a carefully honed with a quality treatment and an authoritative guide vegetation agreement with a clause that the emotion that they know to be simply described as "fun destructive." bold, racing heritage, fully optimized for the street concert, the XR1200X ™ stands out like no further replication Harley ® meeting.

For Yamaha Motorcycles

With a segment of the tank and tail order to recall the famous Harley-Davidson ® XR750 ™ - the ruler of the granular American flat-track perspective - the XR1200X ™ puts on display his temper automatic. large flat track bar and rear foot pegs strong position to manage a title vigorous. The XR1200X has a black-out control and coaches wear, graphic magazine container, and blacks looking for an edge with carrot-colored pinstripe.
2012 Harley-Davidson XR1200X - U.S. Specifications
MSRP Price: $ 11,799 $ Solids
Length 87.6 inches (2225 mm)
Width of 36.6 inches (930 mm)
Height 45.7 inches (1161 mm)
Fuel Capacity 3.5 gallons. (13.2 L) (word of warning for something like 0.8 gal.)
Oil capacity (w / filter) 2.8 qts. (2.6 L)
plant of 1.0 qt. (.95 L)
(249.9 kg)
Engine air-cooled, Evolution ®
Pushrod-operated valves, valves in the head with hydraulic, self-adjusting lifters, two valves per cylinder
Dry sump lubrication system
service contract
warranty of 24 months (unlimited mileage)
examined first interval 1000 miles (1600 km), every 5000 miles (8000 km) later

For Hero Honda


Harley-Davidson 2012 Twin Cam 103 V-Twin

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 103 V-Twin Review 2012

(BMW Motorcycles)

Harley-Davidson Twin offers additional large presentation for 2012 as its double-Cam 103 ™ is standard on the train authorities ail soft ® tools and models of road bikes and most Dyane ® motorcycle models.
Double Cam 103 ™ engine with 103-cid (1690cc), rubber-mounted surrounded by housing, is estimated at £ 100 ft. of torque at 3500 RPM. The locomotive is prepared with electronic fuel injection system chronological port (ESPFI) and is mated to a 6-speed disk Travel ® communication.

(Yamaha Motor)

landmarks of the 2012 Harley-Davidson procession composed of:
The double-Cam 103 ™ engine powers all 2012 Dyane ®, Soft ® and ail road models with immunity Avenue ® and Bob Dyna Glide Dyna ® wonderful tradition. This engine produces up to 100 ft. lbs. hit top pair, an increase of almost 6 percent above the Twin Cam 96 engine that replaces the authority which is typical for many of these models. The double-Cam 103 is prepared to let go of normal density. And 'the appearance of the face of the identifying marks on the band derby, regulator and clean coat clean tone circle. in single.

(Honda Motorcycles)

all models Harley-Davidson Soft ail reduce the growth of presentation of the double-Cam 103 engine for 2012. The boy chubby and plump The Boy contain a novel reduced-reach handlebars more comfortable ergonomics. An alternative, closely accommodate the clause places the figure in a new robust Boy "on the fly" position. The Softail Softail Deluxe and archetype birthright will be available with a new aluminum voluntary alternative "tubeless" circle Chrome Profile Laced tires for spontaneous change and renewal.

(Bajaj Motorcycles)

The double-Cam 103 engine gives each Harley-Davidson models for transient confident road authorities. models resting on doing a tour, the Twin Cam 103 is prepared with an oil cooler.
2012 Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 103 V-Twin engine - the U.S. specifications
MSRP Price: to observe the seller for the price
Fuel Capacity 4.7 gallons. (17.8 L) (warning light at only about 0.9 gal.)
Oil structure (w / filter) 3.0 qts. (2.8 L)

Engine air-cooled, Twin Cam 103 ™
Pushrod-operated valves, valves in the head with hydraulic, self-adjusting lifters, two valves per cylinder
Torque5 Engine (for J1349):
- £ 100 ft. North America. @ 3500 rpm (136 Nm @ 3500 RPM)
Angle of inclination (for J1168):
- Right 29 °
- Left 29 °
oil in the financial system (EPA urban / highway test) 42 mpg (5.6 l/100 km)


Suzuki Motorcycles Price List In India

Monday, December 5, 2011

Suzuki Motorcycles Price

Suzuki Motorcycles Model
Price In Rupee
Suzuki GSX-R1000
Price: Rs. 13,75,000
Suzuki Bandit 1250S
Price: Rs. 8,80,000/-
Price: Rs. 13,00,000/-
Suzuki Intruder M1800R
Price: Rs. 13,25,000/-
Suzuki GS150R
Rs. 60,271/-
Suzuki Slingshot
Price: Rs. 47,485/-

Suzuki Slingshot Plus
Price: Rs. 45,313/-


Suzuki Slingsho Plus Motorcycle With Price

Suzuki Slingshot Plus

Suzuki Slingshot Plus motorcycle Review

Short Specification:

Bike Engine Type Horizontal in line4stroke 4cylinder Air cooled
CCM 125cc
Starting System Kick and Electronics
Total Weight 123kg
Bike Color Black, Rd, Blue,
Price Of Bike 49500
Type Of Ignition CDI Electric Ignition
Size Of Bike length-2035,Hieght-110, Width -770mm
Capacity Of Fuel Tank 17Ltr
Fuel Cost (mileage) 60+ KM per Ltr
Break normal/Hydraulic
Transmission 6 gear
Battery 12 v


Suzuki Slingshot Motorcycle With Price

Suzuki Slingshot

Suzuki Slingshot motorcycle Review

Short Specification:

Bike Engine Type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, 1 cylinder, SOHC
CCM 125cc
Starting System Kick and Electronics
Total Weight 128kg
Bike Color Black, Rd, Blue,
Price Of Bike 50200 Rupee
Type Of Ignition CDI Electric Ignition
Size Of Bike length-2035,Hieght-1075, Width -770mm
Capacity Of Fuel Tank Unknown
Fuel Cost (mileage) 55+ KM per Ltr
Break normal/Hydraulic
Transmission 6 gear
Battery 12 v


Suzuki GS150R Motorcycle With Price

Suzuki GS150R

Suzuki GS150R motorcycle Review

Short Specification:

Bike Engine Type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC
CCM 150cc
Starting System Kick and Electronics
Total Weight 149kg
Bike Color Black, Rd, Blue,
Price Of Bike 66800 Rupee
Type Of Ignition CDI Electric Ignition
Size Of Bike length-2095,Hieght-1120, Width -775mm
Capacity Of Fuel Tank 17Ltr
Fuel Cost (mileage) 50+ KM per Ltr
Break normal/Hydraulic
Transmission 6 gear
Battery 12 v


Suzuki Intruder M1800R Motorcycle With Price

Suzuki Intruder M1800R

Suzuki Intruder M1800R motorcycle Review

Short Specification:

Bike Engine Type Four stroke, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 54¬? V-twin
CCM 1783cc
Starting System Kick and Electronics
Total Weight 347kg
Bike Color Black, Rd, Blue,
Price Of Bike 1325000 Rupee
Type Of Ignition CDI Electric Ignition
Size Of Bike length-24800,Hieght-1185mm, Width -875mm
Capacity Of Fuel Tank unknown
Fuel Cost (mileage) 30+ KM per Ltr
Break normal/Hydraulic
Transmission 6 gear
Battery 12 v


Suzuki Hayabusa Motorcycle With Price

Suzuki Hayabusa 1300

Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle Review

Short Specification:

Bike Engine Type • Engine: 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC
CCM 1300cc
Starting System Kick and Electronics
Total Weight 190kg
Bike Color Black, Rd, Blue,
Price Of Bike Us 11000 $
Type Of Ignition CDI Electric Ignition
Size Of Bike length-21900,Hieght-1165, Width -735mm
Capacity Of Fuel Tank unknown
Fuel Cost (mileage) 30+ KM per Ltr
Break normal/Hydraulic
Transmission 6 gear
Battery 12 v


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