El Gaddafi killed today by anti forced

Friday, October 21, 2011

Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi already killed by anti force gaddafi images

Libya's Colonel muyammara lauhamanaba Gaddafi killed. The self-janmasahara sirta - at its Today in the news in the hands of the fighters die. Enatisi Libya's interim government to ensure that the Prime Minister jibarila the news. Gaddaphira misaratara body has been known as a Mosque. Message to the AP, who is quoted by the BBC in the news here. The mission of the news of his son were found dead mutasimao. But sources said no, he was a bloody hospital bed in the fall, and he may have been alive. The grave is one of the gaddaphike detention. Bring in the foot. There is no news, he died. Up a picture of any mobile website. I like the ones shown gaddaphira. Jharachila his head with blood. But whether the film is gaddaphira smoke. Later, after the news that he killed enatisi gaddaphi officials. Tripoli to the BBC's journalists hauli kyarolaina says, have been killed in Libya, many netai gaddaphi are now accepted. Enatisi of Mohammed al-wife of the warrior, the photos are not considered likely to appeal to when you

gaddaphi. He said - 'Do not filmed, Do not filmed. The next gaddaphi surrender. How to bring the foot to give the - the question is no reply. Libya's interim government, said Information Minister sammama prices, he said that his yoddhara - The bodies of gaddaphira Views. He said that if gaddaphi killed enatisi leaders announced. Other officials say, gaddaphi killed. Enatisi the nation's chief Mustafa Abdul Jalil said the speech was ratei. Meanwhile, the Internet is a video footage has been released. It has enatisi the gaddaphira yoddhara body is trying to show. Message of the AFP, has been one report, the video enatisi the large senake shown. They are wearing khaki clothing around the joy of a corpse. Enatisi 'said one official Abdel Hafez eephapike goga, we want to bisbabasike, gaddaphi revolutionaries and killed. This is a historic moment. It has been a decline sbairasasakera. The fate suffered by gaddaphi. Detained in a hospital in the city after gaddaphike misarata. Enatisi yoddhara said, when he was detained when he was a golden color with a pistol. He was in a suit wearing khaki color Gaddafi photo.
NATO forces in mid-August and enatisi the net as yoddhara tripolike surrounding the capital. Since then the race was on gaddaphi and his family. It has been anekabarai, gaddaphi country alajeriyate left side. But gaddaphi said, he left his own country and people do not go. But for that wonder. I give up the ghost in your matitei. The day after the news broadcast with gaddaphi television channel in the world with most of the suspended their regular programming. Instead, as they report the news of the Breaking. Internet news websites sandhanidera can jam up.

Meanwhile gaddaphike detention and interrogation were to go to Libya and I bhasache. People came out of the room. Libya was not a night-time sleep. They delight in the night. Opinion on the street if the street car drivers samasbare horn instrumentalist. Some people enjoy - emotional play themselves. Meanwhile, there is no News, Libya's leader El Gaddafi the time was a byankare hide. Parane was his khaki military dress. The News is a runaway car fleet during the NATO air attack killed gaddaphi. Paltacchila so quickly that the event, which is difficult to determine which news is true. The missions take only gaddaphii parenani, caught her close

associate of Ibrahim Moussa. Abu Bakr Younis killed gaddaphira jabera Defence. The commander, Abdul Hakim al-Jalil announced enatisi. Libyan state television presenter, said yesterday riant amuck, it does not have any news, we notice that the news is the news gladly. Enatisi yoddhara gatakalai gaddaphira janmasahara sirta the occupation. The final climb is edinai gaddaphira. Governance in the public mind of the country in 4 years and then took place in the desert are now astakumre. Libyan people have now had only one identity - he sbairasasak


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