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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Walton Company Introduction

Given the fact that 1908, Walton has the company been the largest manufacturer of valve removal apparatus in the ground. Our only ambition has always been to afford our customers with safe, economical and talented tackle to take over the work done. For the duration of the history of 100 years, we complement our unique stripe Walton Tap Extractors, the "REPS" series of Pipe, Stud & Screw Extractors and our Tap Extensions for both machine and hand pressing.

Walton Company also offers Managed Spindle and almost all our current products designed, the ergonomic handle File. Today, we believe that we have the best products for removing busted faucets, pipes, bolts and screws plus press apparatus for automotive, motor and plumbing industries. Now Walton company new products Walton motorcycles, Freeze, and other accessories produced Electrics available.

Company past

Walton Company of West Hartford, Connecticut, is celebrating its 100 anniversary in 2008. The company - which manufactures equipment for the automotive, plumbing and auto industries - has been in its present 14,000-square-foot capacity at the New Park Avenue since 1948.
The 10th June 1902, John Kinvall in Worchester, Massachusetts had arranged an exclusive right in an "original and practical development of a piece of equipment to remove broken taps."
(Walton Bangladesh do cruise Motorcycle now)
beyond that time more than a few years, changed the exclusive rights hands aa small number of years. In March 1908, the rights, equipment, record and helpfulness sold to the region S. Jacobs in Hartford, CT. "Walton" was the girl first name Albina Walton Jacobs, grandmother of zone.

In June 1, 1936, Kenneth W. week, Sr. his wife Helen and his sister Beatrice Woodward bought production beginning Jacobs relatives.

During 1948, Robert A. Trask, Helen's brother-in-law, selected vice president. In the early 1950s, joined Kenneth W. Weeks, Jr. The Walton Company as promoting and purchasing executive. led the closure of Kenneth Sr. in 1966, his son Kenneth Jr. nominated president and Helen week was chosen chairman of the panel.

In the early 1980s, with the expectation of abandoning the work of Robert Trask were Kenneth W. Weeks employed as an industrial unit manager. Spring was elected to the post of Vice President when Robert Trask retired, and thus for President, when Kenneth Jr. retired in 1997.
The nearby row of Walton Tap Extractors, based on the innovative 1902 drawing that includes a pressure in each volume, both inch and metric. These devices - which smooth the status of deleting is not working faucets without damaging the clothes - has the conventional Modernism Award from specialized tools & equipment reports, a nationwide trade magazine serving the appliance and tools bazaar.

The Walton Company has purchased Reps Instrument Company in 1947. "REPS" Extractors quickly and easily remove broken screws, rivets and pipe fittings.

During 1955, bought The Walton Company the civil rights of a faucet Extension completely by Allen mechanized Company and nominated for the "Style A" tap extension for hand tapping. In 1959 we launched our exclusive, in-house design "Style B" tap extension for both machine and hand pressing.

The Walton Company
600 New Park Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06110
Ph: 860-523-5231 — Fax: 860-236-9968
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Friday 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

During 1976, we entered into a limited scale consistent with Discoverer and exclusive rights of ownership of our controlled spindle tappers. In 1991 brought our administrator, Jack Washburn, we propose an Ergonomic File Handle old at his company, essence engine business.
(Now Walton motorcycles are available on the world market)
Beside Walton Company, we are constantly looking for original designs for appliances that fit our position in both household and send overseas bazaar.
Past time company exported their products, but now they have established a new company in the world. For example, Bangladesh Walton Company.

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