New BMW K1600GTL Mororcycle 2012

Sunday, November 6, 2011

BMW K1600GTL 2012

Previous I discussud About BMW K1600Gt. But now describe k1600GTL BMW. Basically, there is no difference between the two bikes. This is the version for 2012.

BMW K1600 GTL and K1600GL have comfortable accommodations, six-cylinder engine control parody from one side to a transmission shaft, legs and exceptional luggage significant blustery defense of fairings around.
similarity on the external side, BMW motored large von Hendrix manager Kenney denies completely the division of bullion was the goal. to some extent the structure a luxury tour similar to the section of the flare, so far, head extraordinarily pleasant instructed its engineers to create a "superlative" toured with the objective generous than . by all, he adds, the bazaar of the road from BMW. "

BMW K1600GTL is a cleaning sheet legacy that has an overabundance of traditional devices and voluntary attractive.
* Ride-by-wire throttle management offer three options open
* Power to take up self-motivation
* Automatically postponing modifiable
* Revolutionary Multi-controller of the handlebars turn left to find the way through different option card of the day
* Hook on baggage

the side of an opportunity, we bought a Honda engine trial emotionally to raise monitor GL would like to add a useless burden, but the K1600 shows the two are not mutually, in fashion. Honda weighing machine in less than 900 pounds extra packed in oil, while the GTL is a flyweight compared to 767 lbs.
BMW K1600GLT devotee of old Goldie force undeserved criticism that assessment because the 1832cc flat-Six Honda is in a group of students dislocation unlike the 1649cc inline-six BMW. But if the measure, then moves smoothly GTL above its weight. reach a crescendo of 160 horsepower at its 7750-rpm peak. This should lead to 135 hp at the rear tire 190/55-17, almost 40 ponies more than the Honda.


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